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Holistic Therapy Using Flower Essences to help People and Animals

Judy Aizuss is a licensed psychotherapist and expert in holistic therapy using flower essences.Flower Essence Therapy is a type of holistic therapy. The skilled use of flower essences can produce both positive shifts in negative emotions, as well as profound healing of more deeply entrenched issues. Flower Essence therapy works equally well as a holistic therapy for animals as well as people.

My collection of over 600 Flower Essences from around the world extends far beyond the familiar thirty-eight Bach Flower Essences. This greatly increases the variety of issues and problems I can help with.  The Bach Essences are wonderful - but if you have tried them and they didn't work, it may be that a more sophisticated approach is in order.

 I offer a unique combination of skills and experience, including the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of my essences, with 20 years experience using them
  • Ability to energetically sense and test which essences are best for each client
  • In-depth knowledge, training and experience in mind/body and emotional issues
  • Ability to connect on an Intuitive and spiritual level with Higher Guidance and with my clients.

Judy Aisuss is a master of holistic therapy and a gifted artist as demonstrated by her work here.The work we do together with the Flower Essences can be a surprising and wonderful adventure, opening doors that were previously closed. You may find yourself able to take steps you couldn't take before.   But working with me and with Flower Essences is not for everyone. Please contact me only if:

  • You are comfortable with, or at least open to intuitive, extra-sensory, and energetic modes of healing.
  • You are a person of high integrity.
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your health; you know that growing and becoming healthy is a process in which you need to fully participate. Essences can help a lot - but they will not do your work for you.
  • You know that sometimes you have to go through some discomfort in order to feel better.
  • You are looking for ways to grow and fulfill your greatest potential, and are willing to do some work on yourself to get there.
  • You know - or at least have an inkling - that who you are extends beyond your physical body.
  • You are connected - or want to be connected - to a Spiritual source.

To find out if a Flower Essence Consultation with me is right for you or your pet, browse through the wealth of information on these pages. I look forward to serving you!



Flower essences are a wonderful form of holistic therapyThe holistic therapy of Flower Essences is not herbs or drugs, nor are they the same thing as Essential Oils or Aromatherapy.

They are not a chemical, have no side effects, and no danger of overdosing. So what are they? Also called "vibrational essences", flower essences are energetic in nature, and works on our own energy system. They have been likened to "liquid acupuncture in a bottle".  

To learn more, click here.

"I do not know how I would fare half this well without the support of your caring words and the essences. It has been a very long time since I have been able to muster excitement and child-like anticipation regarding the possibilities for the future.Thank you. I will focus my energy to evolving into the best (me) possible. You are the best."
M.K., Human Resource Manager

"I.... want to tell you how amazed Don and I were that the flower essence you sent helped to bring her around so quickly. They truly helped her and made a big difference from how she was before we used them.  The pressure from the tumor was causing all the real problems but the essences still worked and we are very grateful to you for providing them to us and also for you interest and concern and for taking the extra time to help us at a time when we were so stressed and worried. It truly meant so much to us." 
-Judy and Don D. regarding Tessy, a 13 yr. old Black Lab



  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Do the same negative emotions drag you down and keep you from progressing to your goals?
  • Do you notice yourself repeating the same unproductive patterns in relationships or work?

There are flower essences that may shift your fears, anxiety, depression and other negative feelings; essences that can clear old trauma , essences that can open your awareness to new ways of perceiving and being in the world. To learn more about the holistic therapy of Flower Essences, click here.

Dancer, an Apaloosa mare, was so determined to have her own way and get the attention she wanted, that she was willing to injure herself in the process – including attempts to kick down fences.  A great competitor in eventing, she was often impossible to direct by her rider.  Dancer’s escapades were legendary, and her self-caused injuries were numerous.

Following only three Flower Essence Consultations with Judy, Dancer's owner reported: “Dancer (horse) has been sterling – so good she scares me!  She was upredictable, desperate, and in pain.  Now there is no self-destructive behavior, she is unbelievably obedient, flexible, and no longer frantic or hyper.

A.M., Dancer's owner



More perspectives and information on helping yourself and your animal friends using the holistic therapy of flower essences is availble in our newsletter archive. Click here to read our newsletters..

 From frightened and traumatized animals, to strange or negative behaviors- even emotionally-related physical symptoms -  there are flower essences to help a vast array of pet problems with holistic therapy.. For details, click here.


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